Teen’s challenge to banish phone

MOBILE phones may be the extension of every typical teenager’s hand – but one banished hers to raise money for a hospital appeal.

Abbie Attfield, 15, of Breedon Close, Corby, offered to give up texting, using social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and Blackberry Messenger for five days to help raise money for a charity.

The teenager was inspired by family friend Karen Young, of Bulwell Green, Corby, who has a rare form of leukaemia and has been raising funds for the Our Space Appeal at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

The appeal aims to fund a specialist hospital unit for children and young people with cancer.

Abbie, a pupil at the Kingswood School, asked for her phone to be taken away from her from Monday to Friday last week while she completed her pledge.

Abbie said: “I think the hardest part was having to give up the social networking sites. The hardest time was when I was bored and didn’t have anything to do and would have sat there on my phone.

“I didn’t want to spoil it as I wouldn’t have been spoiling it for myself, it would have spoiled it for others.”

But Abbie said the challenge, which has already raised approximately £200 with sponsorship continuing to be collected, had its benefits.

She added: “I had lots of tests that week so I was able to revise without being distracted.”

Abbie’s mother Debbie Attfield said: “She offered and we all laughed because she’s always got her phone glued to her hands.

“So on Sunday night she texted everyone and I had the phone at 7.30am on Monday and gave it back to her at 8.15pm Friday night.

“My friend was going to come and collect the phone so it was out of the house but I missed her so I hid it in the house but she never went looking for it.

“Every day her friend was writing a message on her Facebook wall so she had lots to read when she went back.”

But since the challenge Abbie’s beloved phone has not seen as much action as previously.

She added: “I think I’m not using it as much.”

Abbie plans to take up another challenge – not wearing make up for a month – later this year to raise further funds for the cause.