Team Sunshine to tackle obstacle race in Cranford this weekend

Lily Hobbs, Esme Harker and Lucy Eady are part of Team Sunshine
Lily Hobbs, Esme Harker and Lucy Eady are part of Team Sunshine

An 11-year-old girl who was born with a rare and life-threatening liver disease is taking part in a fundraiser for a charity which supports youngsters like her.

Lily Hobbs of Cranford was born with biliary atresia, a condition in which inflammation develops within the bile ducts around the time of birth.

When Lily met Miranda Hart

When Lily met Miranda Hart

The inflammation can occur in any of the bile ducts both inside and outside the liver, and can lead to bile duct damage, reducing the flow of bile, which causes scarring of the liver.

Lily had to have an operation to save her life and she will eventually need to have a liver transplant, but after having a wish granted by children’s charity Rays of Sunshine, she is now preparing to give something back to the charity which brightens up the lives of seriously ill children.

The charity made it possible for Lily to meet her idol Miranda Hart in London last year and she wants other children to be able to have their wishes granted too.

Lily and her friends Esme Harker, Lucy Eady, Lily Lee, Emily Allitt, Libby Evans and Rose Fisher have formed Team Sunshine and they will be tackling The Iron Run, a 3K muddy obstacle race, on Saturday.

Lily Hobbs with Miranda Hart in London last year

Lily Hobbs with Miranda Hart in London last year

And the team has already smashed it’s fundraising target by securing more than £1,000 in sponsorship.

Lily’s mum Sarah Hobbs said: “Lily was lucky enough to have her wish granted last year when she was taken to London to meet her idol Miranda Hart.

“She had a fantastic day and now has lots of happy memories.

“She wants to give something back and help other children and has got a team of friends together to do the junior Iron Run which is taking place in Cranford on Saturday, May 14.

“They are trying to raise £1,000 for Rays of Sunshine.”

The girls will be wearing yellow t-shirts when they take part in the junior event for Rays of Sunshine, which aims to fulfil the wishes of children aged between three and 18 in the UK who are terminally or seriously ill.

It also buys equipment for these children and supports the hospices, hospitals and specialist schools that care for them.

Sarah added: “Any donation will go towards putting a smile on children’s faces in some way.”

Anyone wanting to sponsor Lily and Team Sunshine can go to