Team gives a warm welcome to new boiler

ORGANISATIONS and individuals all pitched in to help a centre in Wellingborough raise more than £30,000 to replace its broken boiler.

The boiler at the Victoria Centre in Palk Road, Wellingborough, broke down in February last year.

The centre held fundraising events to help raise some of the cash to replace it and received money from the Sita Trust, the Cloth Workers’ Foundation, the United Reformed Church in Wellingborough, Wellingborough Council, Scott Bader, Business in the Community and from the empowering councillors fund of Wellingborough county councillor Jay Walia.

Centre manager Edeltraud Freund said the money raised had enabled the centre to replace the boiler and make things more energy efficient, which in turn would help to cut future fuel bills.

She said: “When the boiler broke down it was the coldest time of year, it was very difficult for centre users and staff but everyone pulled together. On behalf of the centre I would like to thank all those who have helped us through the hard times by funding, being understanding and helping us.

“The staff have all been very supportive and pulled together for the centre.”