Team from Rushden take sandwiches to help refugees stuck at Calais

Trudie Ray with some of the donations from Tesco
Trudie Ray with some of the donations from Tesco

A couple who took sandwiches to help refugees stuck at Calais are appealing for help so they can make a return trip with more aid.

Trudie Ray of Rushden went to a recent meeting in the town to see how people in the area can help with support and accommodation for refugees from Syria who are to be re-homed in this country.

The Jungle in Calais

The Jungle in Calais

But after hearing an impassioned plea by the Christians In Calais group at the meeting, Trudie, husband Malcolm and her sister Lyn felt they had to do something now rather than waiting.

Within a week, they had organised a trip to the Jungle in Calais, the name given to an encampment where migrants live while they attempt to enter the UK.

Trudie said: “I thought I really need to go and see this for myself. I thought we could go out and take sandwiches, which is only a short-term measure but shows that we care.”

She added: “They are desperate for help.”

She said they were moved to tears within minutes of arriving in the Jungle and when they came to leave, they felt inadequate because they wanted to stay and do more.

They gave out 1,000 sandwiches to people, mainly young men, living in tents during their trip, as well as water, eggs and sweets.

Malcolm said: “Since then, we have decided to help them a bit more. We want to go back out there next month.”

They are appealing for donations to take with them, including clothing, bedding and shoes. If you can help, call Malcolm on 07908 003581 or take your donations to Heavenly Cuppa in Rushden High Street.