Take That star's good luck wishes to singer Faryl

Faryl Smith was given some words of advice by one of the top men in showbiz, Gary Barlow, while she recorded her second album.

The 14-year-old record-breaking singer has just put the finishing touches to her second album, Wonderland, which music bosses are hoping will be even more successful than her first self-titled album.

While recording at Sarm Studios in Notting Hill, she met Take That star Gary Barlow, who told her to listen to her parents.

Dad Tony Smith said: "Gary told her she was fantastic and said we must be so proud of her. He told her to continue what she's doing and she will go far, even though it's a tough business.

"He was full of compliments for her and he wished her all the best – it was a bit special."

Faryl is now back at Southfield School for Girls at Kettering before embarking on a promotional tour at the end of the month. She will once again be featuring on television and radio shows and magazine shoots.

The teenager became the fastest-selling debut classical artist of all time when her debut album was released in March and her new album again features Kettering's Masquerade Choir.

It is due for release on November 30 and will include an adaptation of Somewhere Far Away, Wonderland and a special version of O Holy Night.

Mr Smith said bosses at Universal Music are hoping it will sell even more copies than the first.

He said: "The album is fantastic. There's a lot of different styles of music and everyone at the record company is very excited about it.

"They are hoping it will sell more than the first but it's a tough market. Lots of people bring out albums at Christmas.

"We don't know if she will be going back to America – it would be nice if she went global, but she's 14 and we want to take things as they come.

"When she goes back to school, it's like a fish returning to water. She can switch off when she's back home."

On Saturday, Faryl will perform with fellow reality television star Jonathan Ansell, from the pop opera group G4 who found fame on The X Factor.

They will sing at Victoria Hall in Stoke.

In November, Faryl is going to the Canary Islands to sing on a cruise ship.

Faryl was also spotted hobnobbing with the polo elite at the Duke of Essex polo trophy event at the Gaynes Park Estate in Essex. She was pictured at the event with glamour model Katie Price and briefly appeared on the star's ITV2 show What Katie Did Next.