Take Me Out on a TV dream date

Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams

After nine weeks of ‘no likey, no lighty’, Sophie Williams finally kept her light on to win a dream date on the hit ITV show Take Me Out.

The 20-year-old from Oundle hooked up with Michael from Liverpool on Saturday night’s programme.

The 4ft 11ins tall University of Hull business student was chosen for a date in the Isle of Fernandos after more than two months on the show.

Sophie, who was described as “the whole package” by her date, said she had enjoyed taking part in the show.

She said: “The best bit was probably meeting all of the girls. I have met a lot of friends that I’ll be keeping in touch with.

“It was really exciting to get chosen because I had seen lots of friends go before me, and you are relieved once you have got a date.

“I think it would have been a little bit disappointing if I hadn’t got a date by the end of filming and reached the end goal, because that’s really what you’re on the show for.”

On the programme, single men come down the ‘love lift’ and their potential dates are instructed to turn off their light if they’re not interested – or as host Paddy McGuinness says, “no likey, no lighty”.

At the end of the round, the male contestant gets to turn off the lights of all but two girls and then picks one to take out on a date.

Sophie was on the show for nine weeks before she finally kept her light on for Mr Right.

After auditioning on a whim, she was selected from 12,000 other hopefuls to be one of the show’s opening 30 girls.

Sophie saw a number of friends come and go during the filming of the prime-time programme, and she was almost chosen for a date by a farmer from Devon last month.

But it wasn’t to be, and, to quote one of the show’s infamous Paddy-isms, “the goose didn’t see the gander” that week.

At the time, Sophie admitted the experience of having her light switched off had been deflating, but she continued to enjoy her stint on the podium.

It was only when Liverpudlian cash-machine repairman Michael walked down the love lift that she finally appeared to have been successful in her search for love.

Viewers will have to tune in next Saturday night to see how Sophie and Michael got on during their date on the Isle of Fernandos.