Tairu Jallow murder trial: Attack was ‘carefully planned’ to rob Kettering victim of cash and drugs

The four men accused of murdering a Kettering man in his home carried out a “carefully planned raid to rob him of money and drugs”, alleges the prosecution.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 5:00 am
Tairu Jallow was stabbed to death at his home in Kettering

Gambian national Tairu Jallow, 29, was stabbed in his house in Havelock Street on January 14, 2018.

Four defendants are in court on charges of murder and conspiracy to rob.

Clever Makande, 24, Kausa Ceesay, 24, and Ngange Sowe, 30, are all from Birmingham, while Babacarr Slyva, 33, is from Nottingham.

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Flowers left outside Mr Jallow's home

All have pleaded not guilty to murder and a second charge of conspiracy to rob.

Opening the prosecution’s case in Northampton Crown Court, Karim Khalil QC told the court: “On January 14, all four travelled from Birmingham and Nottingham to Kettering.

“We allege these men were part of a carefully planned raid to rob him of cash and drugs.

“We don’t know who stabbed Mr Jallow. It’s possible that it’s not one of these four men but that does not matter.

“We say that these four men were part of a group of men, each of whom played their part in the attack.”

On January 14 a group of men gathered outside Mr Jallow’ house in Kettering.

One of Mr Jallow’s friends arrived at the house and wanted to go inside.

However, he saw the group and he phoned his friend to warn him, the court heard.

The front door was opened and the friend was attacked from behind.

The court was told that one man tried to stab Mr Jallow’s friend and cut his jacket.

“So it’s clear that even before they get into the home they had a weapon, it was produced and was used,” said Mr Khalil.

The men entered through the front and back door, smashing windows in what was described as a “well co-ordinated operation”.

“Mr Jallow was chased in his house and stabbed,” Mr Khalil told the jury of 11 women and one man.

“They smashed their way in, they got what they came for, they inflicted serious body harm from which he died.

“And then they left in the two getaway cars nearby.”

Makande and Sylva were the alleged getaway drivers and Mr Khalil said they may not have left their cars during the attack.

The trial continues.