TA battles to fund its run-down base

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The commanders of Corby’s dilapidated Territorial Army base are calling for financial help.

The site in St Mark’s Road has suffered from break-ins and vandalism and currently only has seven recruits, something which has been put down to its poor condition.

The TA invited MP Louise Mensch to the site in St Mark’s Road yesterday to see its condition for herself, and she has pledged to lobby for funding.

The TA says new facilities are needed to match the increased interest in joining the force.

Warrant Officer Glen Conroy said: “If the MOD wants to have a foothold in Northamptonshire we need to have the facilities to do that.

“To attract possible recruits into the TA we need to have somewhere modern for them to go.

“We have got the facility for two full platoons, which would be 60 to 80 guys.

“Currently we are not doing too well for numbers and we can only put that down to the facilities available.”

Mrs Mensch said: “The TA is going to a be a port of call for people waiting to get in the regular forces and it makes no sense to have this run-down, shabby building.

“I think it would be a very worthwhile investment for the Ministry of Defence.

“It is a waste of money having the facilities here with only seven people.

“It is a false economy.”

Lt Col Simon Worsley, from the East Midlands Reserves Forces and Cadets Association, said: “With foot-and-mouth, floods and terrorist alerts we are looking to our reserve forces more and more.

“We need to maintain this military footprint but it needs to be fit for purpose.”