Switch scheme could save Kettering residents hundreds of pounds each year

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Kettering Council could help its residents save hundreds of pounds each year in fuel costs after voting to adopt a new collective energy switch scheme.

The authority is hoping that a large number of its 45,000 households join up to its scheme, which will be managed by an independent broker.

A report considered by Kettering’s executive committee last night (May 23) said: “Whilst the annual income for the council in question is relatively small the savings felt by the residents is great, with an average household saving of £257.88 per year.

“These schemes are particularly beneficial for the more vulnerable residents who are more likely to be unsure how to switch suppliers, apprehensive of using switching services and/or have a lack of understanding of the energy market.”

Residents who sign up will become part of a larger collective which helps the broker get the best price from an energy supplier. Each person will receive  a  tailored quote outlining the potential savings and have the option to switch or remain with their existing provider.

All councillors on Kettering’s executive committee voted for the scheme on a two-year trial basis.

The council will receive £11 from the broker for each dual fuel referral to the broker.

If a quarter of the borough’s households sign up the authority will stand to make £12,375 a year. If 30 per cent take part the sum will increase to £29,700.

The council will be marketing the scheme through a range of communication channels including social media plus its own publications. It will be available to council tenants and homeowners.

A broker has not yet been selected and the councillors agreed to delegate the procurement to the head of commercial development Rochelle Mathieson in consultation with the legal department.

A similar scheme has been operating in East Northamptonshire for the past two years.