Supermarkets drop fuel prices

Prices at the pumps have fallen
Prices at the pumps have fallen

Motorists are enjoying cheaper petrol prices after a major supermarket decided to cut its fuel costs.

Asda surprised their supermarket competitors by dropping their unleaded fuel to 3p less to 135.7 a litre and 139.7p a litre for diesel.

However, the decreases come following months of increased prices at the pumps. The AA stated earlier this month that the cost of petrol has risen by 9p per litre since July which is a record high.

According to, Asda in Corby and Kettering have the cheapest petrol prices in north Northamptonshire at 135.7p per litre followed closely by Morrison’s, Kettering, at 135.9p per litre, although it is sold at 137.9p per litre in the Corby store.