Summertime in the city

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Yes, it is officially the summer time for me since 3.05pm today.

But the thunder and lightning has been a very horrible welcome to my holidays.

My summer I won’t be going on holiday, I won’t be going places.

I’ll be staying inside or going out with my mates if I’m allowed... maybe other people!

I really wanted school to end but when I go back I will be in Year 10 so it will be really hard work and it will take a lot of studying and work to pass my GCSEs.

I also get my Latin entry level result when I go back in September. Have I passed?

I will admit, I’m going to miss my mates and some of my school subjects I am not taking for my GCSE options but it will be a big step in life and hopefully I will be trusted more and thought of as more mature.

So my summer will consist of staying in bed and listening to music for six weeks.

What can I say for myself? As long as the weather is nice then I will be fine, we can get rid of the rain and the thunder because I hate it with a burning passion!

My holiday hasn’t started off good though. My internet is gone so I can’t go on YouTube or go on any other things online because my internet is being stupid.

Today I got told that my articles are rubbish... so I would like to know what all of my readers think. Email me at

Thank you to everyone who likes my articles but I would like to know your opinion so I know whether to change the writing or so that you can give me improvements.