Summer spectacular will help improve life for Corby family

Mia and Cory Blakey-Tew, who suffer from a rare genetic condition NNL-140304-133510001
Mia and Cory Blakey-Tew, who suffer from a rare genetic condition NNL-140304-133510001

A grand summer ball will raise cash to help a mum and dad build a vital extension for their two disabled children.

Mia and Cory Blakey-Tew, of Rowlett Road, Corby, have an incredibly rare genetic condition called RARS2 mutation PCH six mitochondrial epilepsy.

It has left them with a huge number of severe disabilities including blindness, inability to speak, severe epilepsy and an inability to bear their own weight, sit or crawl.

Their parents, Leanne and Dean have given up their careers in order to become full-time carers for their children, who are aged four and two.

Now pals of the family have organised a spectacular summer ball to help fund an much-needed extension that will improve life for the whole family.

Through major fundraising efforts, the couple and their friends had already raised their £6,400 total to make adaptations - which include a lift, a wet room and wheelchair ramp - when they came across planning issues.

Leanne explained: “Our planning application went in just over eight weeks ago and in that time we have had our design rejected, been looking to move house and come back full circle.

“I have spent hours and hours in meeting after meeting with the team trying to reconfigure our internal layout with no joy.

“But thankfully, on June 7, the approval letter approved for our original design arrived on our doormat so we were good to go, or so we thought.

“Then our contractor said they could not start the work until mid September which would take us all through the winter months with no home to live in which is a definite no-no for us.

“So short of putting it back to next year we had little choice but to go with the next contractor which is considerably more expensive.”

The adaptations will provide a through-the-floor lift to access the children’s bedrooms, hoisting throughout the top floor to allow Leanne and Dean to safely transport them from bed to chairs or shower trolley, a wet room and a bedroom for each of the children.

The couple currently have to carry their children in an out of their wheelchair-accessible van because they have steps into their home, so a ramp and widened entrance will accommodate the wheelchairs directly out of the van and into the house.

Friends have rallied round Leanne and Dean to organise a summer ball to raise the remainder of the cash. Their new fundraising target is £9,597.

The ball will take place on Friday, August 1, from 7pm at the Best Western Hotel in Rockingham Road, Corby. Tickets are £5.

The Lilypad Spa in Farmstead Road, Corby, also has special offers for ticket holders to ensure they look their best for the big night.

Ball tickets are available from Avon, RS Components, Lush Hair and Beauty, Lilypad Spa and the Best Western Hotel.

You can visit the event’s Facebook page or find out more about Mia and Cory here