Summer operation to target underage drinking in Corby

Police will be working with a number of groups to make sure it is a '˜dry' summer for youngsters in Corby.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 21st July 2016, 1:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st July 2016, 2:28 pm
Underage drinking will be tackled as part of an annual initiative in Corby
Underage drinking will be tackled as part of an annual initiative in Corby

Officers in Corby have teamed up with the Corby Community Safety Partnership for an annual initiative to protect youngsters from underage drinking during the school holidays.

Operation Staysafe has been running in Corby for several years where those involved go out to public areas to speak to young people found to be drinking and ensure they are not in any danger.

Any young person who is badly affected by alcohol will be taken home with a follow-up visit arranged to advise and discuss the issue and their child’s safety with their parents or guardians.

The scheme was designed not only to stop underage drinking, especially in public areas, but also to prevent any anti-social behaviour arising from it.

However, sector commander for Corby Inspector Julie Mead said that while the aims of this year’s scheme will be the same, the locations they target may be different.

She said: “Over the summer we are working with the Community Safety Partnership on Staysafe.

“We take the kids home if they are in the parks drinking and putting themselves at risk.

“But we don’t actually have a lot of young people out drinking in the parks, they are a bit more sophisticated now and are drinking at home.”

Instead of calling it Operation Staysafe as in previous years, this year’s initiative will be known as Protect With Pride.

And Insp Mead added: “We are looking at working with the Jam team to do preventative work around drugs and alcohol and the council are going to be out with us, particularly with environmental issues such as noise with parties when they are pre-loading.”

While the Protect With Pride team will be out throughout the summer holidays, two dates have already been pencilled in for particular attention.

Insp Mead said: “We are going out on the exam results days.”

Students will be collecting their A-level and GCSE results on August 18 and August 25 respectively.