Success for police team targeting criminals who operate on and around Northamptonshire’s borders

Cannabis plants found by the cross border team in Cambridgeshire
Cannabis plants found by the cross border team in Cambridgeshire

Officers have reported numerous successes since the launch of a new team set up to target criminals operating on Northamptonshire’s borders.

The specialist police team with officers from Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Cambridgeshire was created so they could work together and share intelligence to stop criminals operating across a wide area covering several different police forces.

A number of successes have been reported since the team launched last month and it is hoped that this is just the start.

Three arrests were made after police raided a farm and found cannabis in two caravans and a barn, as well as hydroponics, heating and lighting equipment used in the production of cannabis.

The raid in Cambridgeshire resulted in cautions for the three men arrested in connection with it.

Another success came with the arrest of a male for a series of shoplifting offences in Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire after being found in Cambridgeshire.

The borders don’t mean anything now, we are not stopping at the borders

Inspector Julie Mead

Inspector for East Northamptonshire Julie Mead, who has been working on the cross border police scheme as part of Northamptonshire Police’s Futures programme, said: “They have had some great results.

“We had an arrest on the first day and since then they have been out and about as a team and really linked in well together.”

As well as making arrests, the team has visited known offenders in the area and carried out high visibility and reassurance work in Peterborough following the discovery of a torso in a suitcase 10 days ago.

Insp Mead said: “They have been doing a lot of cross border work, including in the Corby and Market Harborough area with some criminals who have been giving us some pain.”

Their efforts have also resulted in cannabis being found at a Travellers site.

Insp Mead said: “It was some local Travellers who we know quite well.

“The team followed their noses to the smell from the caravan.”

Officers were also out on Friday with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to try and spot known criminals as they drive from one county to another.

Insp Mead said: “The team has had a brilliant week.

“Everybody is really pleased with the results.

“We have got the right people doing this job, they are getting out there, working on an intelligence-led basis and they are bringing the results in.

“They are absolute stars.

“But for me, it’s not the fact we are doing well, it’s more about the impact on the wider community.

“The borders don’t mean anything now, we are not stopping at the borders.”

Insp Mead believes the criminals may now be aware of the new team, but this will not stop them targeting those committing cross border crime.

She said: “The net is closing in.”

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