Success for bus shelter campaign

AFTER three-and-a-half years of campaigning, including a petition which was signed by 1,000 people, a new bus shelter has finally been installed in Rothwell.

When the town’s Medical Centre in Desborough Road opened in 2008, elderly residents were angered at the lack of bus stops outside the centre.

A campaign resulted in stops being installed by Stagecoach in 2010, but this weekend marked the first time the new bus shelter was unveiled.

Gerald West, 81, of Glendon Road, Rothwell, who spearheaded the campaign, said: “I’m delighted the shelter has been put up after all these years.

“Nearly 1,000 people signed the petition in just a few weeks and there was a strong local feeling that we needed bus stops up here.

“If there were no bus stops up here I don’t know how many of the town’s elderly residents would be able to get to the medical centre.

“I just kept chipping away.”

The shelter is located opposite the centre.

Mr West’s campaign had support from the local town council, who lobbied both Stagecoach and the county council.

In summer 2010, the group was celebrating after two bus stops were installed near the centre.

But it has taken almost two years since then for a shelter to be put up to protect people from the elements.

The shelter was unveiled on Saturday and completes nearly four years of campaigning.

It was paid for using Section 106 money from the medical centre development.

Five buses will stop outside the centre every hour from Rothwell.

Karl Sumpter, chairman of Rothwell Town Council, said: “It’s thanks to a persistent pensioner that the shelter is finally up.

“It’s been a long time coming but for the residents of the town it means those people without transport can easily get to the centre.

“The developers scaled back parking at the centre, so for many elderly residents who are ill, they would struggle walking up here.

“The centre is quite far from the town centre.”