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MORE than £2.5m was spent on CCTV cameras by councils in north Northamptonshire in the last four years, according to figures from a campaign group.

Research published by privacy and civil liberties group Big Brother Watch says £515m has been spent by councils across the country.

The data was gathered through Freedom of Information requests, with 428 local authorities responding.

In the north of the county, Kettering spent the most with a £906,000 bill, while Wellingborough spent the least at £289,542.

Corby spent £890,217 and East Northamptonshire £818,523.

A Wellingborough Council spokesman said: “Our CCTV service helps to make local people feel safe and is an indispensable aid to the council and the police in detecting crime and anti-social behaviour and bringing offenders to justice.”

Corby Council leader Tom Beattie said: “CCTV has shown to be a valuable tool not only in reducing anti-social behaviour and helping the police in criminal cases but also in helping residents and businesses feel safer in their area. Many times the public call for the installation of CCTV.”