Student in £4,000 sham marriage

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A 19-year-old Corby student who took part in a sham marriage received payment of £4,000.

Corby Magistrates Court was told Jessica Nunes, of West Glebe Road, spent the money on clothes and college fees.

She admitted taking part in the sham marriage to Oluwasegun Omoniyi in a ceremony in Aberdeen.

The court was told that he was a fellow student whose visa was about to expire.

Matthew Thomas, prosecuting, said the marriage had come to light as part of a UK Border Agency investigation.

He said: “Checks were carried out and this lady had booked flights to Aberdeen.

“She was detained by the authorities in Liverpool where she was interviewed and arrested.

“She initially denied it was a sham marriage but later admitted it and said she had received £4,000 to go through with it.

“Prior to this she had been a lady of good character.”

In mitigation, Paul Seaton said the defendant had been 18 at the time of the marriage and was at college.

He said: “She was led into it by others and the temptation of the money proved too much.

“She spent it on clothes and a college course.

“It is a serious matter but she is of previous good character.”

Magistrates referred the case to crown court for sentencing and asked for reports to be prepared.

Nunes was granted bail on condition she does not contact Ana Rita Ferras, Monday Evbobun and Oluwasegun Omoniyi.