Stroke victim Georgie’s beauty queen bid

Georgie Holland
Georgie Holland
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A teenager who suffered a stroke a year ago is hoping to put the experience behind her by taking part in a beauty pageant called The Face of Europe later this month.

Georgie Holland, 18, of Lazy Acre, Thrapston, will be competing against girls from all over the country at the event in Essex on September 15, which would see her compete in the finals at Disneyland Paris if she is successful.

The Tresham College student hopes the event will help her forget the experience of suffering a stroke in May last year, which led to her losing some of her vision in her right eye.

Georgie said: “It came completely out of nowhere. I was in a dance lesson at school and started to feel a bit funny and had to sit down.

“I was allowed to leave and was told to go to reception because my parents had been contacted, but I couldn’t think clearly and wasn’t sure what I was doing. I ended up walking out of the school and down the road.

“My dad was passing, on his way to get me, and saw me collapsed in a bush. I didn’t know why I had decided to walk out of the school.”

Georgie spent a week in hospital recovering from the ordeal.

She added: “We saw the brain scans and my parents were just in shock. There was a black clot in the middle of my brain which had stopped the blood from flowing.”

Georgie said doctors did not know for certain what had caused the clot, although it may have been related to medication Georgie was taking at the time.

The stroke left Georgie with limited peripheral vision in her right eye – and she has to take aspirin every day to thin her blood.

She also had to re-sit her first year of A-Levels.

Georgie added: “I’ve been in beauty competitions before and some of the rounds, like the interview and the evening dress round, are similar to what I’m used to.”

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1,000 die every year

Although people aged over 65 are far more likely to suffer from a stroke, about 1,000 people aged under 30 are killed by them in the UK every year.

A stroke occurs when blood supply to part of the brain is suddenly cut off.

There are lots of different causes of strokes, which are broken down into two common types – ischaemic, caused by clots, and haemorrhagic, which are caused by bleeding in the brain.