Stricken club is targeted again

THE manager of a football club ravaged by regular thefts at its home ground says the situation is affecting his players.

Rothwell Football Club’s base in Cecil Street has become a popular target for thieves since the social club at the ground shut down.

The site has been targeted more than 12 times over the past year including a raid last month when 27 metal transformer units were stolen.

The problem, coupled with the club’s financial plight, has hit the team, which lies stranded at the bottom of the United Counties League Division One.

Manager Dave Williams told the Evening Telegraph that the thefts were happening so frequently it had become the norm.

Earlier in the season the team had to cancel games after metal thefts left the showers out of action.

The floodnights also do not work – but are not needed because the team does not play night games.

Mr Williams said: “It’s becoming one of those things we are just getting used to.

“The constant thefts have wrecked the water and electricity system and we are left now depending on one generator on match days.

“It makes you wonder if you can carry on.

“And I know it is impacting the players.”

Mr Williams said he believed the culprits were from the local community and were fully aware of the club’s situation.

The club has been in administration since last year after revealing debts of more than £300,000.

Since then the club’s home has been put up for sale and it is hoped a developer will buy it to help settle the debts.

Any money left over could be used to buy a new home for the club in or on the outskirts of the town.

The latest raid on the club’s ground happened at some time between 6.45pm on Saturday, March 17, and 8.45am on Sunday, March 18.

The offenders are believed to have entered the ground with a barrow to wheel away the stolen metal.