Street lights will be going back on

STREET lights will be switched back on along a stretch of road where a child was injured.

Northamptonshire County Council has announced three lights will be switched on along the stretch of Oakley Road, Corby, in front of Morrisons supermarket in the next few days.

In December a youngster was hurt in a collision at the pedestrian crossing in Oakley Road.

The nine-year-old was hit by a BMW car and was taken to Kettering General Hospital for treatment for minor injuries. At the time the county council said that as the road was a 40mph limit it required fewer street lights to be left on.

Now, a spokesman said: “After further consultation with police and councillors, we’ve agreed to switch three additional street lights back on along the A6014 Oakley Road near the pedestrian crossings by the Morrisons supermarket.

“Originally the lights had been turned off as they were on a road with a 40mph limit and did not meet the criteria to be left on.

“Following feedback, and assessing this against the particular layout of the area, it has been decided that switching on three of the lights would be beneficial for safety reasons.”

The accident involving the youngster was witnessed by Corby councillor Eyusuf Chaudhury, who pledged to contact the county council to ask for some of the street lights to be turned back on.

He said: “I had many complaints from people who were worried about driving on it because it was so dimly lit. I emailed the county council about people’s fears after the accident involving the youngster and I know people in the town will be pleased some of the lights are going to be switched back on there.

Tony Clenaghan, one of the founders of the campaign group Corby Street Lights, said: “I’m delighted the county council has seen sense over this particular stretch of road, but it’s a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

“Despite this, it’s still good to know some street lights are going back on. It’s a very busy stretch of road and there have been a number of accidents and many near misses, especially at the pedestrian crossing.

“The county council has taken notice of pressure from the public over this. If people continue to complain about other dangerous areas we could get action.”