Strange phenomena spotted in county skies

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Reports of strange phenomena in the skies over Upper and Lower Benefield have been made by county residents this morning.

The Telegraph was contacted by reader John Batten who described a ‘huge flash of light’ on Friday evening.

He wrote: “On Saturday evening at 8.45 I was driving on my own between Upper an Lower Benefield in the direction of Oundle when a huge flash of light lit up the sky ahead of me, at the same moment the radio went silent for about 10 seconds. It did not seem like a lightning flash as it was a quick intense bluish light.”

The sighting was also confirmed on the Telegraph’s Facebook page where Joe SkintDisco Reid added: “We seen this! It really was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, we were just past Upper Benefield on the way to a party, our radio didnt cut out, but there was a lot of static, the light seemed to start massive and fade up quickly into the sky, but didnt give the impression of going ‘up’ more like getting smaller, in the space of about half a second, no body believed us!”