Stolen car crashes into two vehicles on A43 near Kettering after failing to stop for police

Police sign.
Police sign.

A stolen car collided with two other vehicles after a short police chase failed to stop it being driven erratically along the A43.

Police were called after several reports of a red Seat Ibiza, believed to be stolen, being driven erratically along the A43 at about 7.15am today (Tuesday).

A police spokesman said: “The car failed to stop for officers so there was a short pursuit, but that was abandoned because the traffic was quite high.

“There was a lot of traffic during the morning rush hour and it was not deemed to be safe.

“This Seat Ibiza clipped several vehicles and was involved in a collision with two other vehicles near the old scrapyard.”

The car drove off following the accident, which took place near to the A14 junction at Kettering.

Police are appealing for anyone with information about the incident to call them on 101.