Stickers warn against booze

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Stickers warning against drinking alcohol in the street have been posted on lamp posts written in both English and Polish in an area of Wellingborough.

The stickers have been put up on lamp posts in the Castle area of the town as part of continuing efforts by police to tackle the problem of street drinking.

Wellingborough police sector commander Insp Nick Lyall said officers had made progress with the issue of street drinking but the latest move to create multi-lingual stickers and posters was to make sure that there was no doubt that everyone was getting the message clearly.

He said: “There’s quite a historic issue with people drinking in the street on the Castle beat.

“We have managed to get the message through to a large number of English speaking people in that area, the difficulty with those remaining who drink in the street is obviously the language barrier.

“We got hold of some funding to get the stickers and posters produced in Polish because that’s the next biggest group in terms of numbers of people doing it.”

Insp Lyall said by having the message around the area on the stickers there would be no room for confusion around the matter of street drinking.

He said: “Hopefully we can get the message across in a language they understand and when we take enforcement action against them, they can’t say they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong.

“The number of reports of street drinking is down dramatically. The problem is trying to get on top of this language issue.”

Officers also recently went to talk to older pupils and parents at a Polish Saturday school and at Tresham College in Wellingborough about drinking in the streets and action police could take as part of their efforts to crack down on the problem.