Steward scheme a success

Peter Weiss presents �1,000 to Groundwork
Peter Weiss presents �1,000 to Groundwork

Members of the Rotary Club of Corby were recently invited by fellow member Phil Bromhall to meet him in the town centre to be introduced to the town’s Groundwork organisation.

Phil was following up an interest he had acquired earlier in his presidential year in the organisation.

The group was shown around by two of the organisation’s duty stewards for the evening and were keeping their eye on several small groups of 13 to 16-year-olds who meet up in the town centre as friends and stroll around before drifting towards their agreed meeting places.

When the youngsters saw the stewards, there was the usual ‘high fives’, and after exchanges of information on petty crime and any interesting incidents, the group then wandered off, chattering away.

The stewards took a different route but would meet the groups two or three times more in the course of the evening. They gave the air of disinterested support, but they were in purple T-shirts and instantly recognisable.

They are on duty from 7pm to 10pm and love their work. The children they are supporting were a credit to the town.

The originators of the scheme have been brilliant in defining the right relationships between the stewards and the youngsters, providing an acceptable arm’s length service and training the stewards to understand just how the relationship has to work.

The children are protected and potential violence and crime eliminated.

Of course there are worries as to where more stewards of the quality we saw that night will come from. But the two we walked with loved the work and were happy to give up their leisure time.

The Rotary Club of Corby was very pleased with what it saw and has recently agreed a donation of £1,000 to support the efforts of Groundwork.