Steelworkers’ compensation bid widens

The steelworks in Corby
The steelworks in Corby
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A battle for compensation for former Corby steelworkers with cancer or respiratory problems has been widened to include those with asbestos-related conditions.

Law firm Collins Solicitors has taken up the case of 80 ex-employees in the town, including the relatives of former steelworkers who have died.

It is seeking redress for health problems alleged to have resulted after years of historic exposure to potentially harmful dust and fumes.

Originally Collins was assisting people suffering from skin cancer, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases caused as a result of working conditions at the steelworks in Corby and Ravenscraig in Scotland.

Now the fight for compensation has been widened to include people reporting asbestos-related conditions.

Des Collins, founder of the Watford-based law firm and the man who won the 11-year battle for justice for Corby children with birth defects, said: “The nature of the disabilities has widened.

“At the outset we were looking at lung-related problems.

“We have widened the scope to include asbestos-related conditions.

“A wide range of health problems appears to have arisen.

“Our inquiry is progressing well and I hope to report developments in the next three or four months.”