Steel sculpture for Corby takes a step forward

The winning sculpture design for Corby Railway Station by John Atkin NNL-161006-160447001
The winning sculpture design for Corby Railway Station by John Atkin NNL-161006-160447001

Plans have been formally submitted to install an £80,000 sculpture celebrating Corby’s steel heritage at the town’s railway station.

A public vote was held to decide which of three sculptures would be made by urban artist John Atkin, who has previously designed sculptures outside Alpha Court in Phoenix Parkway.

The planning application shows that design number one was the overall winner.

As much of the sculpture as possible will be crafted using steel made in Corby. It features tensioned metal ropes that are said to be reminiscent of those used to hold up the Great Jib used during the iron ore quarrying process.

It will be placed outside of the entrance to the town’s railway station and will be the first thing that many people see on their arrival into the town.

A design proposal submitted to Corby Council in support of the planning application says: “Officers of the council arranged for three chosen maquettes to be displayed in the Corby Cube for a one-week period and then moving over to the Corby East Midlands International Pool for a further two weeks allowing the Corby residents to have their say on this new feature for the borough by voting for their favourite sculpture.

“An online voting system was also introduced.

“Over 700 votes were placed and counted and the community decided sculpture number one was to be the winner.

“Now that the sculpture has been selected, John Atkin will finalise design with the fabricators and agree the steel to be used for the sculpture.

“The sculpture will be constructed from either mild or stainless steel.”

In order to come up with his design, Mr Atkin consulted with arts groups to get a feel for the town’s musical heritage.

It is hoped that the sculpture will be ready for when the railway station reopens after its two-month closure for line works at the end of this year.