Steam train to stop off at Kettering

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Steam engine fans will be in for a treat when an old favourite stops off in the county at the weekend.

On Saturday (September 23) the A4 Pacific 60009 Union of South Africa will stop at Kettering for water on its way from London to York.

It is scheduled to stop at 9.37am and leave at about 9.50am.

It will be passing through Wellingborough at 9.25am and will make its way over the Harringworth viaduct after leaving Kettering.

In addition the Kettering Civic Society Time Travellers room will be open from 9am to midday, where people can drop in to see Stella Benford’s painting commemorating the station’s opening 160 years ago.

There will also be an exhibition including the wall hanging presented by Kettering Quilters, and limited edition prints available to buy as well as photos of the Union of South Africa and more.