Steam train to pass through Kettering and Corby tomorrow

60009 Union of South Africa
60009 Union of South Africa

It will be full steam ahead when a historic locomotive passes through Kettering tomorrow (Saturday).

A train hauled by 60009 Union of South Africa, built in Doncaster in 1937, will stop at the town’s station as part of a trip between Ealing Broadway and York.

Leaving Ealing Broadway at about 6.25am the train will pass through St Albans, Luton and Bedford before picking up passengers in Kettering at 9.50am.

It will then leave the Midland Main Line, passing through Corby Station and over the Harringworth Viaduct, before stopping at Melton Mowbray, Ilkeston and York.

At 5.15pm it will leave the city and stop at each of the stations it stopped at on the way up the line.

It is expected to return to Kettering at 8.30pm and the train is diesel hauled on the return journey.