State of roads ‘atrocious’

Haydn Whymant with some of the worst examples of potholes in Harrington Road, Desborough
Haydn Whymant with some of the worst examples of potholes in Harrington Road, Desborough

Readers have phoned, emailed and tweeted about the poor state of the roads after the recent bad weather.

Kerry tweeted about the pothole which has appeared in Kingsthorpe Avenue, opposite the junction with Grendon Avenue in Corby, and Mr and Mrs Howden came in to our Corby office to mention the same pothole after they failed to see it in time to take avoiding action.

Haydn Whymant rang to report the state of Harrington Road in Desborough. Mr Whymant, who is a resident at Cheaney Court Care Home in Harrington Road and is a wheelchair user, said the road is “the worst in Desborough”.

He added: “There are potholes roughly every 10 to 12 yards and the tree roots have pulled up the pavement.

“It’s dangerous for everyone as you have to go on and off the pavement to try to avoid them, and motorists have to try to dodge the potholes.

“It’s been like it for about two years and I know it would be expensive, but in my opinion the whole road needs resurfacing.”

Also complaining about the state of the roads in Desborough is Gavin Panter, who tweeted: “Ha, potholes. Enter Desborough from Rothwell, exit Desborough to Harborough, take your pick.”

John Barratt, who lives in Upper Benefield, called to report the state of the road in the village.

He said: “The quarter-of-a- mile stretch of road from my house to the war memorial is in an atrocious state, it’s falling to pieces.

“It’s been bad for at least six months but it has got worse after all this frost and snow.

“I reported it last year and after I’d rung three times they came along and dropped a bit of Tarmac in.

“They really need to cut it out and do the job properly because the holes keep coming back up again when the water gets back in.

“There will be an accident one day as someone swerves to avoid a pothole.”

Potholes are the bane of drivers’ lives – that’s why we’re keeping a close eye on the county’s roads this winter.

We’re reporting all the road eruptions we find to the county council’s Street Doctor service – but we need your help!

If you come across a perilous pothole or rocky road there are a number of ways you can let us know.

You can call our newsdesk on 01536 506153, email or send us a tweet using the #nnpotholewatch hashtag.

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