Star rapper Professor Green denies agreeing to play in Corby

RAP star Professor Green has told fans he will not be appearing at a Corby nightclub this weekend.

The Telegraph reported earlier this month that Green, real name Stephen Manderson, was appearing at Rockafellas in Princewood Court on Sunday, June 3.

But the rapper has taken to Twitter to deny ever having agreed to the show.

He tweeted: “This whole Corby gig is gas, demand a refund.

“The club in Corby advertised without ever having booked me. Please make sure you get your money back!”

A further statement released by his management on Facebook said: “Professor Green will not be performing at Rockafellas in Corby on Sunday, June 3. This event was not confirmed by the artist, management or agent.”

The Telegraph understands hundreds of tickets have been sold for the event at £10 each.

Rockafellas has pledged to reimburse any disappointed fans.

A message on the club’s Facebook site said: “Should this event not go ahead, don’t worry. We will issue refunds on tickets bought. We have lists from our online ticket sellers of who has purchased them.”

Rockafellas also posted a picture of an email to SK Records confirming the appearance, but Professor Green has since tweeted to say he is not signed to this label.