Star Interview: Jimmy Osmond

Jimmy Osmond
Jimmy Osmond

Very few bands manage to retain a clean-cut image throughout their time in the spotlight, but The Osmonds certainly did.

According to Jimmy Osmond, there are far worse traits to have.

“Although we were having different hits, like Crazy Horses – and rock bands would say ‘that is a great riff’ – because we were a family and were Christians, people would shun us. But it didn’t stop the fans from buying our music. It was hard on my brothers to know they were good enough and to know they were having hits as big as anyone, but the rock press would kind of dismiss them.

“But if they had to have a reputation, I would rather they had the reputation of being people who stood up for their beliefs.”

Jimmy and his brothers Merrill and Jay will now be hoping to bring that clean-cut Osmonds magic to the stage at the Royal & Derngate on Tuesday when they join the cast of Boogie Nights.

In this 1970s’-style show, The Osmonds will be special guest stars, performing a range of their hits.

Jimmy said: “Boogie Nights was the first musical I did in the UK and it led to a lot of opportunities for me. This time my brothers asked if they could join me so I’m really looking forward to being with my brothers.”

Jimmy has been performing alongside his family ever since he became a child star and known for the number one hit he had at the age of eight with Long-Haired Lover from Liverpool.

Jimmy said: “I feel very grateful for what I had. I have had issues like every person through being raised in a different way, but I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences. I never thought it was all about me. I knew I was having these experiences because of the hard work of my brothers.

“We had a lot of really amazing mentors, people like Elvis Presley would help our family. He would help us with costume designers and he was the person who caused us to wear those green shirts and flares and I will never forgive him for that.”

Despite having performed together for so many years, Jimmy still seems to be as close to his family as ever.

There was sadness last year for the Osmonds when their planned reunion tour had to be carried out without brother Wayne, who had a sudden stroke.

Fortunately, Jimmy seems to have recovered well from his own health problems. It was almost 10 years ago when he suffered from a stroke and doctors discovered he had a hole in his heart, necessitating emergency surgery.

Jimmy reflected: “I’m going to bop ‘til I drop. I have had some health issues. It was a birth defect and so they then tested my brothers and my sister and found some of them had the same thing, so it was positive they got it checked and could have it fixed.”

“I’m probably too crazy but the truth of it is I enjoy my life. I still dance and run around the world.”

Boogie Nights will be at the Royal & Derngate on Tuesday, February 5. For more info, log on to

It will also appear at Milton Keynes Theatre on February 26 and 27 (