Star Interview: Charlie Landsborough

Charlie Landsborough
Charlie Landsborough

Born as the youngest of 11 children and reared in the dockland area of Birkenhead, singer Charlie Landsborough has led a colourful life.

Far from a straightforward pathway into a musical career, Charlie has done his fair share of other jobs including working in a grocery store, becoming a postman and even joining the army. But all the time his dream of being a professional singer refused to go away.

The 71-year-old explained: “I came to music very early but it did not come to me until very late. I never worked really until I got married and then I never stopped, I have been a teacher, quality control surveyor, grocery store manager and in the flour mills, you name it...

“I played in one pub in Birkenhead for 20 years wishing for a fairy godmother to discover me, but then thought, what can I do about this rather than moaning about it? Then I rang RTE (broadcasting channel) in Dublin and they said ‘Charlie, we have been trying to get you for a while.’”

He continued: “I will stick around and do this for as long as I can do it. I’m not into fame and fortune, I’m not that type of person, but I have the life I always wanted.”

Having achieved his musical break in 1994, Charlie went on to achieve success across the world with his own brand of 
ballads, blues, country and spiritual music. 
This month also marks
the release of his 26th album, Silhouette. He said: “People see you wearing a hat and think you do just country but a lot of what I write are ballads and blues and rock and roll. I grew up with a diverse mix of music. I was one of 11 and we had lots of animals, my brothers were seafarers and brought back music with them. I grew up with Elvis and that influenced me. What eventually happens is there are all sorts of influences in there.

“When I got my break in Ireland I thought maybe my appeal was really for Irish audiences, I didn’t know what they would think of me in England and Scotland, but people respond the same wherever you go; I’m even going to Australia in May.”

On March 8, Charlie will be taking his current tour to The Stables in Wavendon, and he is looking forward to the concert.

“Milton Keynes is a great place to play,” he said. “This time I have a new album released on the 25th which includes five covers and some of my own songs. We will also resurrect songs we haven’t done for a while. Then between the songs I tell my anecdotes to lighten the proceedings. I have a great band so even if they don’t like me, there are others on stage.”

But how does he find inspiration for his song writing?

“There is no formula to it but it is wonderful when you write something that happens to touch someone or lift someone or has some effect on people and you know they can relate to it. Once you have done that it is the ultimate drug, you want to do it forever, there’s nothing nicer than that.”

To book tickets for Charlie’s concert at The Stables, ring 01908 280800.