Staff at Raunds store recreate county crest using food headed for the bin

The recreated county crest
The recreated county crest

Staff at Asda have showcased their artistic skills by recreating the crest of Northamptonshire using fresh food found in the store.

Colleagues at the Raunds store in Michael Way used items including blueberries, carrots, cauliflower, peppers, red onions and strawberries to create the food masterpiece.

Each item used was from products which would have gone to waste had they not been used to create the food art.

Barry Fowles, store manager at Asda Raunds, said: “We’re proud to be situated in the heart of Northamptonshire and wanted to showcase our great local link.

“What better way to depict a local icon like the county crest than the fantastic fresh produce we have to offer right here in the store?”

Northamptonshire was officially granted its crest in 1939.

The silver falcon in the centre of the crest is linked to the county’s Royal roots in medieval times while the bull represents the county’s major industries; leather and hide use in shoe making and agriculture.

Chains around the animals that flank the crest depict the iron and steel making industries which the county was known for.

Asda opened its new Raunds store in April this year.