Spring has sprung...

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Spring is hopefully just around the corner so Telegraph reader Stephen Maxey contacted us with his thoughts on the season.

Mr Maxey of Kettering wrote the following poem and contacted us so he could share it with others.


Oh joyous spring, with your embracing charm

Captivating a splendour of pink hues of blossom on trees

Spring lambs gather on the common near the farm

Daffodils in abundance are swaying in the breeze

Small furry creatures wake from their long winter break

A grass snake slithers from the undergrowth to seek a warm spot

A silhouette of swans are courting on the silky smooth lake

As rider and pony wander from meadow to road and trot

Tiny buds are now shooting upwards and reaching for the sky

A sweeter song has the dawn chorus for the days are getting longer

Mother blackbird with earthworm swoops to her nest as her fledglings cry

The fragrant smell of pine from woodlands close that makes the memory of springtime fonder