Spend some quality family time together at board game café’s ‘teenage appreciation’ weekend

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An award-winning board game café in Sharnbrook is inviting families to enjoy some quality time together next weekend (Saturday and Sunday, July 14/15) at a Teenage Appreciation event.

Ready Steady Roll, at Ivy Lodge Farm off the A6, says teenagers who visit with their parents will get a free slice of cake while they play any board games from their more than 300 game collection.

Ready Steady Roll

Ready Steady Roll

Darrell Cannon, owner of Ready Steady Roll, said: “It may be a hard sell to get a teenager to play board games if their memories of board games are marathon sessions of Monopoly ending with arguments

“But there is a whole world of games that are fun, interesting and much less rage inducing!

“We pride ourselves on finding a game for everyone, even people who think they don’t like board games - plus we have delicious homemade cake made by my wife Charlotte!

“Parents are always looking for ways to get their teenagers off the latest technological fad, from Snapchat to Fortnite, and board games are the perfect remedy.

“I love it when a family come in with a sceptical teenager and within minutes they are sat around a table, laughing and having a great time together.

“Teenagers have a lot of stress in their lives, from exams to social media pressures, so spending quality time together as a family, whether that’s by playing a board game or going on a walk in so important everyone’s wellbeing.”

Ready Steady Roll started life as a monthly Pop Up event in Sharnbrook Village Hall. It is based at Ivy Lodge, in Sharnbrook, 10 minutes down the A6 from Rushden.

Anyone can visit from Wednesday to Sunday during the day with booking recommended either on 07584 484101 or info@readysteadyroll.co.uk

Visit www.readysteadyroll.co.uk for more.