Speeding fears on Oundle estate with “no safety measures”

Oundle resident James Walshe feels the Creed Road estate should have a 20mph limit.
Oundle resident James Walshe feels the Creed Road estate should have a 20mph limit.

Northamptonshire County Council is to discuss possible solutions to concerns over speeding on an estate in Oundle.

Residents have voiced their fears over the lack of a 20mph speed limit on the Creed Road estate in the town, with no appropriate road markings or signage.

They feel that despite speeding drivers crashing in the past and an increase in houses at the top of the estate, there have been no safety measures implemented.

Creed Road resident James Walshe said: “Drivers are using the entire length of Creed Road as a drag strip, as it’s a long road with only an unmarked junction and ineffective mini-roundabout in the middle.

“Indeed, most drivers go straight over the roundabout without slowing while the local boy racers clearly use it as a ‘jump’.

“We have seen children trying to cross the road from the playground halfway up, dog walkers cowering in fear at the speeding drivers who cut corners and accelerate hard and countless near misses.

“You’ll often hear tyre skids or the horn of a driver involved in a near miss.

“Inappropriate speed is rife and we feel more collisions are inevitable.

“We’re all fed up. I witnessed my neighbour rowing with a boy racer only last week – he’d walked into the middle of the road to stop the driver from racing up and down.

“It feels ugly and unlike the kind of thing we should be experiencing as residents of Oundle.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “We have been made aware about the speeding issues in Creed Road, Oundle and have arranged a meeting with the appropriate town councillor for the area to discuss possible solutions.”