Spate of Wellingborough thefts sparks police warning

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A spate of crimes in the Queensway area of Wellingborough has prompted police to issue a warning to residents.

Overnight, Sunday to Monday, police say there has been a particular problem with thefts from vehicles on the Wellingborough estate.

A total of 14 crimes were reported between 6am on Sunday and 6am today, Monday.

The locations were Shelley Road, The Rylstone, Wordsworth Road, Allan Bank, Grasmere Green, The Goslar, Yarrow Court and Swinburne Road.

The incidents come as the dark nights draw in and police said they will be sharing a few ‘light bulb moments’ in the weeks ahead in the fight against burglary, robbery and vehicle crime in the county.

Burglars, robbers and car thieves love the longer hours of darkness as it gives them more cover to commit crime.

Northamptonshire Police will be spotlighting the areas of the county currently vulnerable to this type of crime.

Detective Inspector Nick Lyall, who is leading the Darker Nights campaign, said: “This time of year always sees a seasonal rise in burglary, robbery and vehicle crime.

“If you are not able to keep your vehicle in a garage, make sure it is parked in an area that is overlooked, make sure it is locked and make sure you have taken all valuables out of the vehicle.

“Leaving items like laptops, handbags and phones on show will make your vehicle a target for the opportunist thief.”

Bright ideas around vehicle crime prevention:

O Remove all items from your vehicle when parked, at all times, even an old coat may be enough to tempt a ‘smash and grab’ thief

O When removing your satnav, make sure that the cradle and suction pad are also removed and any suction marks are wiped away.

O If you do not have a garage, park on your driveway or in well-lit areas which are overlooked.