Spate of bin fires results in action

DUMPED sofas, litter on the floor and open black bins filled with rubbish – it is no surprise one area has become an easy target for arsonists.

An unknown gang is thought to be behind a spate of blazes on the Hemmingwell estate in Wellingborough which has seen the fire service called out 12 times in the past five weeks.

In response to this police, environmental wardens, housing association officers and the arson task force have been carrying out patrols in the area.

Yesterday, the multi-agency team picked up rubbish, took away abandoned bins and knocked on doors to give people living there advice and guidance.

A mobile police station was also set up as part of a police appeal for information regarding the arsonists.

Five years ago three-year-old Callum Bland died after arsonists set fire to a wheelie bin at his home in Fulmar Lane on the estate.

Mick Rodden, from the arson task force, said: “This estate still remembers the death of Callum so these people are acting out of character for this community.

“We are here to help the community reduce the risk of fire.”

Ward councillor Graham Lawman said people can help by removing fire hazards.

He said: “I’d urge people to keep the area tidy – bin your rubbish and don’t leave your black bins open.”

But mother-of-four Donna Upton, 35, of Gannett Lane, said she had no way of keeping her rubbish in one secure bin.

She said: “Five of us live here but we’re only allowed one bin – I don’t know where I’ll put the overfill.”