Sound cushions in Wellingborough play area to be relocated

Croyland Gardens in Wellingborough
Croyland Gardens in Wellingborough

Sound cushions installed as part of a play area in Wellingborough are to be moved after complaints about the noise.

To commemorate the location of the Wellingborough Zoo Park, Wellingborough Council installed a play area with an animal theme at Croyland Gardens several years ago.

While it has been a successful addition to the park, the sound making cushions which were installed have caused some disturbance for residents living in nearby flats.

Responding to the concerns expressed, the council considered the noise impact of this equipment.

A report was considered last December where a number of residents gave their opinions on the location of the sound cushions, and this led to additional noise monitoring being put in place.

Following the results of this additional monitoring in March and September this year, a number of options were considered and it was decided that the sound cushions should be moved to another area of Croyland Gardens.

Cllr Jon-Paul Carr, chairman of the council’s development committee, said: “In some ways I feel it is regrettable that this action has had to be taken, but our monitoring found a statutory noise nuisance and we had to deal with that.

“By relocating the cushions within the gardens it will mean that children will be able to continue to enjoy this well-loved piece of play equipment and the noise problem will have been solved.

“So hopefully both local residents and children who enjoy the cushions will be satisfied.”

The sound cushions will be relocated on Monday, November 7, where they will be closer to the Five Wells planting feature and the previous location will be made good.

It is hoped this will resolve the concerns about noise, but also ensure that the play equipment will not be lost.

The council is now looking for funding for additional new play equipment to site where the cushions used to be.

In addition, plans for extra features around the new location of the cushions will also be considered by the council over the coming months.