Solve jobless problem now

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The “Wonderworld Project” which never materialised in Corby, but did come in handy as a psychological propaganda tool of hope for the town during high unemployment, is the same idea put forward by Barmy Boris Johnson for a third airport in the middle of the Thames estuary.

It would waste millions just assessing the viability, then according to the DAA, billions to build and would take decades. This is again another distraction episode in the life of this punitive parliament.

This money, and effort (though I don’t think it will ever emerge) would be better spent on apprenticeship schemes, start up loans for the under 24s and grants by councils and rates free units to kick start the economy now!!. Why is it everything the Conservative government wants to do involves high unemployment now, and progress far into the future? There seems to be a clear acceptance by this government that nothing can be done until the next election.

Tom Bingham