Solid success with GCSEs at Brooke Weston

Students picking up their GCSE results at Brooke Weston, Corby
Students picking up their GCSE results at Brooke Weston, Corby

Students and staff are celebrating exceptional exam results at Brooke Weston.

Today’s results saw 87 per cent of Year 11 achieve five A* to C graded GCSEs, including English and maths – a three per cent increase on last year’s figure.

100 per cent of students attained six or more GCSEs, maintaining Brooke Weston’s 100 per cent pass rate statistic for the ninth year running.

The school’s figures show 41 per cent of all entries were graded at A* or A.

There were many high-achieving individual performances as 57 students in Year 11 attained eight or more GCSEs at A* or A grades, while younger students from Years 8 to 10 were also celebrating top graded passes.

In each of the core subjects of English, maths and science, more than 90 per cent of students attained an A* to C grade and more than 80 per cent made three or more levels of progress from Key Stage 2 in these subjects, a figure significantly above the national average.

Younger students also had cause for celebration, particularly those taking fast-track science, maths, language or ICT courses earlier than normal.

Four Year 10 boys secured 20 A* GCSE passes between them, along with three other A grades and all were awarded a Distinction in their OCR ICT qualifications.

In addition six students from Years 8 to 10 achieved A* graded GCSEs in modern foreign languages.

Principal Trish Stringer said: “Each of these statistics is singularly phenomenal but, when combined, they demonstrate solid success across a range of subjects and year groups.

“Of most significance professionally is the fact that more than 80 per cent of students have shown much higher than average progress in the core subjects and the percentage of those achieving five or more good GCSEs, including English and maths, has also risen by three percentage points this year.

“These figures demonstrate that, not only do we cater for students who are naturally gifted, our teaching gives students of all abilities the chance to achieve at high levels.

“The fact that we have maintained our 100 per cent pass mark for the ninth year running is just the icing on the cake.

“Congratulations to all the students who have put in so much hard work to achieve these results.

“A special thanks go to all the teaching staff at Brooke Weston whose daily dedication has paved the way for these spectacular annual results.”

Among those celebrating particularly high grades were Emily McClymont and Chris Weaver. Emily, from the Kingswood Estate in Corby, gained three A*s, 7As and a B. She will now go on to study sciences at A-level and hopes to one day become a vet.

Chris, from Barton Seagrave, got five A*s, four As and a B. He is staying at Brooke Weston to do A-levels in sciences, maths and art.

Ben Perkins from Spinney Lane, Kettering, gained eight A*s, two As and two Cs and Vinh Ta, who attended Havelock Primary School in Desborough was awarded seven A*s, four As and a B. He wants to become an architect.

Top of the pile was livestock farmer’s son Daniel Tough, 16, who racked up ten A*s and an A. He said: “I am not all that surprised as I’d worked hard but I am pleased to get so many A*s.

“I’m staying at Brooke Weston to do A-levels in maths and sciences and I hope to become an astrophysicist. I am also considering applying to Oxbridge to do my degree.”