Snakes alive! Reptiles for sale in new Corby shop

Guy Butler and his partner Karen Homer are passionate about exotic pets – and they’re hoping to pass their enthusiasm on to customers.

The couple have opened KG Exotics in Stephenson Way, Corby, and they’ll be selling snakes, lizards, pigmy hedgehogs, spiders,scorpions, frogs, millipedes and centipedes.

Karen Homer and Guy Butler with a Colombian Rainbow Boa

Karen Homer and Guy Butler with a Colombian Rainbow Boa

There’s even a crocodile on order.

Guy, 48, who has been collecting reptiles for 25 years, and Karen, 19, have been planning the venture for three months.

He said: “They make great pets, unlike anything else.

“As long as people have the correct equipment and some knowledge, exotic animals are easy to look after.

“They’re fascinating and great fun.”

The shop is stocked with 100 exotic creatures from 30 different species, as well as equipment and live food, such as locusts, crickets and meal worms, as well as frozen fare.

With animals from all over the world, there’s plenty of variety and people can pay out up to £90 for a snake or just £20 for a praying mantis, complete with its own home.

Guy said: “Our priority is the well-being of our animals, so we’ll be offering people plenty advice and giving out fact sheets.”

The shop will open from 10am until 5pm Tuesday to Saturday and 10am until 4pm on Sundays.