Snack company invests £2m in Corby plant

Jean Smith, Jana Novakova, Denise Cuddy, Isabella Lampa and Angela Glakin
Jean Smith, Jana Novakova, Denise Cuddy, Isabella Lampa and Angela Glakin

A £2m investment in machinery at Tayto Group’s snack factory in Corby means millions more multi-packs for customers.

The group has made the investment in upgrading equipment across its locations with the Corby factory in Princewood Road receiving 14 new, cutting-edge, packing machines, which increases the plant’s packing capabilities significantly.

Martin McElhinney, the group’s operations director, said: “This investment brings us the most technologically-advanced equipment in the industry.

“We now have 12 new Ishida ‘Atlas’ twin packing machines at Corby which are the first in the group.

“The new equipment increases our plant’s capacity to pack snacks to over 200 tonnes a week.

“Equipment manufacturer, Ishida, came and trained our employees from their European head office in Birmingham, demonstrating how the weighing and bagging facilities on the new machinery increases our maximum bagging speed from 100 to 160 bags per minute.

“These twin machines pack our snack range, including customer favourites such as Golden Wonder’s Mighty Os, Chunky Cheese and Super Sticks.

“The team have really got behind this latest development and have adapted really well to the new processes and machinery.”

Six more machines will be installed across the Tayto Group’s other locations in the coming months.

Tayto Group Ltd is now the biggest British-owned crisp and snack manufacturer in the UK, producing in the region of five million bags a day across its five sites.

The company remains family-owned and has a portfolio of some of the UK’s most iconic snack brands, including Golden Wonder, Real Crisps, Mr Porky, Ringos and Tayto.

The brand has been going since 1956, based at Tandragee Castle, County Armagh, in Northern Ireland.

In 2006 the company acquired the Golden Wonder brand, saving 200 jobs at the Corby factory.