Smokey is a purr-fect star

Smokey with owner Ruth Adams and Lily Newstead, 10
Smokey with owner Ruth Adams and Lily Newstead, 10

The cat with the world’s loudest purr was in Kettering today (Saturday, December 1) signing copies of her book and generally lapping up the affection.

Smokey, and her owner Ruth Adams, were at WHSmith in Kettering and while Smokey purred - loudly of course - Ruth explained how she came to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. She said: “I wanted to raise awareness of the importance of cat owners getting their cats neutered and organised a purring competition. The story was taken up by the local media and then national media, and then I found myself doing interviews for American TV shows. Everyone kept asking how loud Smokey’s purr was and if it was the loudest in the world. I applied to Guinness World Records and they sent me 10 pages of guidelines. Northampton College helped me measure Smokey’s purr to their satisfaction and now it’s official.”

Ruth is 13-year-old Smokey’s eighth owner and she has had her for five years. Ruth said: “I don’t know why she kept being rehomed, perhaps it was because she is so loud, and she does love attention.”

Smokey will be appearing on a programme about world records on ITV1 on Tuesday, December 11, at 8pm.