Smokers urged to quit at roadshow

A Healthy Homes roadshow at Asda, Rushden
A Healthy Homes roadshow at Asda, Rushden

An roadshow aimed at rising awareness among smokers about the impact smoking in the home can have on the health of others around them visited Asda in Rushden.

Smoking cessation advisors from the Healthy Homes initiative, a partnership between Pfizer and UK Charity Quit, were on hand to offer advice to smokers motivated to quit and help them to understand how taking the right approach can significantly increase the chances of successfully breaking the cycle of nicotine dependence.

Rushden fire-fighters were also present at the roadshow to educate people on the safety risks of smoking in the home. A spokesman for the project said: “Smoking is one of the biggest fire hazards in the home, with 100 people losing their lives yearly, and more people die in fires caused by smoking than by anything else.

“On average, 1,000 people will be injured by house fires caused by cigarettes a year. Habits such as smoking while drinking alcohol in the home or lighting up a cigarette in bed are responsible for one in three of all accidental fires resulting in deaths.

“A quarter of adults in Northampton currently smoke – 24 per cent, a figure that is higher than the national average of 22 per cent. It is estimated that exposure to second hand smoke in the home causes around 11,000 deaths in the UK each year.

“The impact of smoking in the home and subjecting others to second hand smoke has serious implications for their health. Around two million children in the UK currently live in a household where they are exposed to tobacco smoke and in households where the mother smokes, for example, young children have a 72 per cent increased risk of developing respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Exposure to second hand smoke is also a cause of coughing and wheezing in children.”