Skydive raises thousands of pounds for Wellingborough breast cancer charity

Crazy Hats founder Glennis Hooper
Crazy Hats founder Glennis Hooper

More than 20 people jumped out of a plane to raise money for a Wellingborough-based breast cancer charity.

The skydive for the Crazy Hats Breast Cancer Appeal saw 27 people jump out of the plane in support of the charity.

Money raised by the skydive will go to Crazy Hats

Money raised by the skydive will go to Crazy Hats

Since the charity was set up in 2001, more than £2.3 million has been raised to improve breast cancer care in Northamptonshire, including money for projects at both Kettering and Northampton general hospitals.

It is hoped that the recent skydive will have raised more than £6,000.

Charity founder Glennis Hooper said: “The skydive at Sibson Airfield last weekend went brilliantly with all 27 jumpers able to jump - they absolutely loved it and there was a party atmosphere as everyone waited in the sunshine to get up there and throw themselves out.

“We already have a list of people signed up for next year.

“We’re anticipating that over £6,000 will have been raised which is wonderful - as always, people have been so generous and money is still coming in.”

The charity is really grateful to everyone who took part in the fundraiser, and Glennis added: “We thank everyone for supporting this, our sixth skydiving event with special thanks to Mikey and Brian from Norfolk Parkdean Holiday Homes.

“Mikey sold us the charity’s holiday home, which is now being extensively used and enjoyed by patients, and he and his colleague decided to support Crazy Hats raising well over £1,000 with many holiday home owners and management sponsoring them.

“It is just one of the many special stories as to why all 27 jumped for us.”

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