Sisters back together again

Win Denton and Margaret Robbins
Win Denton and Margaret Robbins
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Sisters Margaret Robbins and Win Denton have been reunited at a home just in time to celebrate Margaret’s 100th birthday together.

Margaret, who is also known as Marnie, moved into Linden Manor in Midland Road, Wellingborough, where Win has been a resident since 2009, on Friday.

The sisters are originally from Paddington in London and are two of seven children – four girls and three boys.

Margaret and Win have been inseparable since Margaret’s arrival last week.

They will be joined by friends and family for a celebration to mark Margaret’s 100th birthday on Friday.

Louise Powell, manager at Linden Manor, said Margaret was settling in well at the home and the pair were pleased to be reunited there.

She said: “Win has been here for a couple of years, she is a lady you can have a good conversation with and she is quite pleased her sister has come to live at the home.

“They look out for each other which is quite nice.

“Now that they are together they are always asking where the other one is, they like to make sure the other one is being looked after, if one of them wants a drink the other will ask.”

When Win was born Margaret, who is 12 years her senior, helped look after her.

Win said: “It’s lovely having my sister here.”

Win said her sister had worked as a tailoress in her youth.

She said: “She could make a man’s suit, trousers, waistcoat and jacket, button holes were her speciality.”

Margaret said she was pleased to be living with her sister.

She said: “It’s perfect being here with Winnie and the people here.

“We get on pretty well together, we always have.”