Sinister mail sent over supermarkets dispute

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A TOWN’S supermarket saga has taken a sinister twist after a malicious letter was sent to a resident who has repeatedly spoke out against a proposed plan to build a Tesco store.

Lucy Clements, who lives on the site where a proposal for a Tesco was approved last week, admitted she was left shaken by the letter she has since received.

The unsigned letter quoted an Evening Telegraph article in 2010 where Miss Clements said the developers would build the store on the Lawrence Factory site in Desborough ‘over my dead body’.

Underneath that quote, someone has written ‘promises promises’.

Miss Clements stands to lose her council-owned home if the development goes through, as she lives on the site earmarked for the store.

Miss Clements, who owns Icle Star bakery, in High Street, Desborough, said: “When I read it I was so upset, angry, and I was shaking.

“They sent it to my shop and I couldn’t believe what it said when I opened up the envelope.

“I feel very sorry for the person who has stooped that low to write this letter.

“I just don’t understand why.

“This dispute about Tesco coming to town is against the vast majority of Desborough residents.”

The short letter also refers to her home, reading ‘it’s not your cottage, we all know why you were put there’.

But Miss Clements added: “I have lived in the cottage for seven years, I rented it privately.

“Then against the landlord’s wishes, Kettering Council purchased the property.

“So I wasn’t put there.

“I was a tenant long before Tesco wanted to get their hands on all local area property.

“It’s shaken me up but it’s made me even more determined.”

The Tesco proposal has split the town, but councillors gave it permission at an emotional planning meeting last week.

Councillors gave the green light to demolish the 200-year-old factory and the surrounding site, and then approved plans to replace it with a 21,000sq ft superstore, bringing more than 100 jobs into the town.

They also threw out a plan for a Sainsbury’s at Magnetic Park, in north Desborough, on the same night.

On Monday, police confirmed they were investigating the incident, but could not tell the Evening Telegraph whether the investigation was ongoing when asked yesterday.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “Incidents of this nature are rare.

“However, Northamptonshire Police take threatening or aggressive communications seriously.

“We would encourage anyone who feels threatened in any form, whether by letter, text or telephone call, to call us on 101 or 999 in an emergency.”