Sign up for a garden waste bin

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Residents are invited to sign-up to a garden waste service run by East Northamptonshire Council.

For an annual charge of £50 people can get a garden waste wheeled bin which is emptied fortnightly.

All the material collected is recycled into environmentally-friendly compost which helps to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Cllr Glenn Harwood, chairman of the waste and recycling working party, said: “We know there are lots of keen gardeners out there who would rather be pruning, clipping and planting than making trips to the recycling centre so this service saves them time and fuel costs.

“We’re very pleased we have been able to keep the joining fee the same as last year and believe £50 a year is tremendous value for money as it works out at just £1 a week, as we don’t collect over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

“We hope lots of residents will take advantage of being able to compost at the kerbside in the knowledge that their waste is being put to good use locally. The green waste service should add another 1,000 tonnes to the amount we divert from landfill.”

To sign up for the scheme visit or call 01832 742043.