Show your support for Johnny’s Happy Place at summer event in Kettering

Johnny's Happy Place is holding a Mindful-Fest in Kettering on June 12
Johnny's Happy Place is holding a Mindful-Fest in Kettering on June 12

A group which helps people who find themselves vulnerable is inviting everyone to join them for their summer fete.

Johnny’s Happy Place (JHP) was set up by the family of Johnny Mackay who died after taking his own life in October 2014 aged 29.

Johnny Mackay

Johnny Mackay

The voluntary organisation runs a cafe at Kettering’s Keystone Youth Centre to support people like Johnny on Saturdays and Sundays when they feel there is not much available for people with mental health issues.

But as well as helping people, they want to be part of the community and let more people know about the work they do.

The summer fete from 11am to 6pm on Sunday, June 12, is an opportunity for people to go along and find out more while also celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Known as the Mindful-Fest, it will focus on mental health and de-stigmatising it.

There will be bouncy inflatables, games, craft stalls, art workshops, live music, an icecream van, food and a Pimms tent, as well as laughing yoga and the chance to learn how to meditate.

Johnny’s mum Denise Mackay from Kettering said: “There’s quite a lot going on.

“It is £1 each and free for children.

“If the sun shines, it will be as good a day as we had last year, which was overwhelmingly good.”

As well as all the activities on offer, there will be a link-up to the Queen’s birthday celebrations in The Mall in London so people can watch them too.

Denise really hopes the event will be well attended and spread the word about the support available to people in Kettering.

She said: “People really do wake up on a Saturday morning and almost breathe a sigh of relief because they can come to us.

“They do value the support that we offer.

“We are open for six hours on a Saturday and they can be there for all six hours.

“With the summer fete coming up, it would be great for people to get to know us.

“We just want people to know that we are there.”

Denise said no-one should ever be afraid of walking through their door in Rockingham Road because someone will meet them, introduce themselves and offer encouragement.

She added: “It’s a place for everybody that needs somebody.”

The fete is also a chance for all the volunteers to get together and be proud of what they have achieved so far.

Denise said: “When someone suggested opening a cafe, I thought there’s no way that’s going to happen but then suddenly it materialised and people came from all over to volunteer for us or to become involved in some way or other, and we just have the most magnificient team of people.

“They genuinely love to help people and love talking to people.

“We are open to anyone who is homeless, needs food or whatever their need is, we are open to everybody.

“We are there for everybody for whatever reason.”

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